Terms & Conditions

Section 1 About this Contract

“Account” means and includes all or any one or more of the accounts opened by you with HNB.
“Internet Banking Service” is the service provided by us to you, which is described in the terms by which you access information and give us instructions in respect of your accounts with us. We may make additional functions available to you from time to time.
“Terms” means these terms and conditions and any additional or supplementary terms and conditions which we may notify you from time to time.
“The User Guide” means the guidance and information set out on the manual of instructions or “help” pages of the Internet Banking Service and all other guidance issued by us in connection with the use of this service, as may be amended from time to time.
“Instruction” is any request or instruction, which is effected through the Internet Banking Service by use of a security number.
“User ID” is the unique identifier, which is issued to you in connection with the Internet Banking Service.
“Password” is used by you for accessing the Internet Banking Service.
Reference to “you”, “your” and “yours” are references to the person requesting the Internet Banking Service.
Reference to “we”, “us”, and “our” are references to Hatton National Bank Ltd.
The words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and the words importing the singular number shall include the plural and vice-versa in these presents.
The clause headings are given for convenient reference only and shall not affect the construction of the corresponding terms and conditions or of any other terms and conditions.

Section 2 Your Security Duties

2.1 You Agree to comply with the terms and any security procedures mentioned in them.

2.2 You hereby agree and you must keep the password secure and secret at all times and take steps to prevent unauthorized use of it and your User ID. For example: -
(a) Never write or otherwise record the password in a way that can be understood by someone else;
(b) Never tell the password to someone else including our staff.
(c) Avoid security numbers which may be easy to guess such as birthdays, telephone numbers, dates of birth etc;
(d) Never record your password or your User ID on any software which can retain it automatically (for example any computer screen prompts or “save password” feature or similar function on your internet browser.)

2.3  Once you have logged on to the Internet Banking service, you must not leave the terminal or  other device from which you have accessed the service at any time or let anyone else use it until you have logged off from the Internet Banking Service. You will be responsible for ensuring that you have logged off the Internet Banking Service at the end of a session.

2.4 You MUST tell us of any unauthorized access to the Internet Banking Service or any unauthorized transaction or instruction which you know of or if you suspect that someone else knows your security number. You are required to Contact the helpdesk at telephone numbers 2660520. You must, in such circumstances, change your password immediately to a different password that have used before. We may disclose information about you and your account to the Police or other investigator if we think that it will help prevent or recover losses or in order to investigate any activity, which will amount to a crime under the laws of Sri Lanka.

2.5 You agree to check your records and statements of accounts and inform us immediately of any discrepancy.

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