Terms & Conditions

The Password /User ID required for the use of “Internet Banking” facility is strictly confidential and should not be revealed to any person at any time under any circumstances.

  1. The Bank must be immediately informed of any knowledge that the Password/User ID has fallen into the hands of an unauthorized party.
  2. The Bank’s records and statements of all transactions processed by the use of “Internet Banking” facility shall be deemed sufficient and conclusive proof of all such transactions and would be binding on the user/s for all purposes.
  3. The Bank reserves the right to modify, not process, delay processing any instructions given by the user/s through the use of “Internet Banking”.
  4. The terms & conditions governing Current Accounts, Savings Accounts and such other applicable accounts would be binding on the user/s of “Internet Banking” facility.
  5. The Bank reserves itself the right to vary, modify or add to these terms & conditions and levy charges at any time, without notice and without assigning any reason thereof.
  6. Usage of “Internet Banking” facility will be subject to scrutiny from time to time and may be withdrawn by the Bank at its absolute discretion.
  7. Partners/joint account holders are jointly and severally liable for all transactions processed by the use of this facility.

Agreement to Terms & Conditions

I / We confirm that I / We have read and understood / explained and understood the terms and conditions governing “Internet Banking” facility. I / We agree to abide by them as well as the additional terms & conditions presented in the website updates from time to time.
I / We request Hatton National Bank to provide me / us an “Internet Banking” facility.

Signature               1. ………………………. 2. ………………………..

Additional Terms & Conditions for the Use of HNB Internet Banking Facility
IMPORTANT – Please note carefully your security duties described in 2.1 – 2.5. If you breach any of the security duties you may be liable for transactions even if you did not authorize them. By accepting our terms and conditions you are requesting us to add all your accounts, including joint accounts, to the Internet Banking Service. These terms and conditions shall be read as part and parcel of the contract governing the terms under which you opened your account with HNB.

Once you have accepted these terms and we have acknowledged your acceptance you will be able to use the Internet Banking Service. You will be able to view the most current version of these terms whilst using the Internet Banking Service. The additional features we may offer from time to time may require us to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement to facilitate the use of such features. By agreeing to these terms you also agree to abide by any additional conditions you may be required to comply in order to use new features introduced from time to time.

These terms may be accepted through the use of the HNB Web site by following the instructions set out on the relevant screen page. In addition you agree that any use by you of the Internet Banking service shall constitute your acceptance of the terms. We recommend that you store or print a copy of the terms and conditions for your record.

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